Our Staff

Sharon L. Wise

Sometimes it is easy to see the patterns of our lives. For Sharon Wise, Manager of Westlawn Gardens of Memory in Clemmons, the design of her life has been obvious – it has always been service to others. A North Carolina native, Sharon has worked in the dental industry comforting people in a very “tedious” moment of anticipated dental work, giving them comfort and assurance. Then, in the 90s, she was involved in the Housing Industry and Development. In this season of her life, she found the most satisfaction in helping people find housing and acreage that fit their budget. When she saw an ad for “Family Service Counselor” for Westlawn Gardens of Memory in 2003, she responded not knowing it was for a cemetery. “This was not something I had thought I would ever do, but it is something I always wanted and didn't realize it.” She explains, “I felt like this was where God was leading me.” Now she spends a great deal of time comforting people who have lost someone they love –a challenging job, but one she has trained for all her life. She is pleased to help grieving families achieve some degree of peace of mind. “My goal is to make what they have to do here as easy as possible. The only way that I can do what I do is if I know my presence in that situation makes a positive difference.” She finds the greatest reward in helping families take care of their arrangements before need, saving them money and sparing their family from emotional and financial stress at the time of their passing. Sharon’s favorite quote: “Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!”

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